And I get to call you Aba…

I thought that my first blog post should be something special, something that moves me. I think i want to write this blog as more of an emotional pressure valve for myself rather than just tell a day by day story. So I apologize in advance if i go too far : )

Couple of days ago i invited my father to my studio. I wanted to do a portrait of him. I was extremely nervous and i can’t put my finger on why i was so nervous. perhaps its because he is truly one of the greatest men i know or heard about. no joke, ask anyone who knows him or even just met him for a brief moment and they will concur. it is  just enough to look at the wrinkles around his eyes to understand who this person is.

Anyways, i woke up early that morning and went to their apartment that is about 5 minutes walk from where i live. he wasn’t there. he went for his daily morning walk on the beach. so i sat with my mom and had breakfast while she was making him a sandwich to take to the office with him.
when he finally got back i chose some clothes for him that i thought best represent him and went to the studio to prepare for his arrival.

I had a vision in my mind. i wanted to shoot him as this strong powerful person. my brain instantly pulled a Helmut Newton image from its archives. the with Margarette Thatcher one.

When he got to the studio he looked very calm. i asked him if he was nervous and he said no. he really wasn’t, i was. it was as if standing in front of me and my camera was normal for him. i could only admire him for the way he handled the intimacy. it is usually the photographer’s job to take the awkwardness out of the room but in his case it was he who did that.

from the first moment he let me do with him anything i wanted. i tried to sit him down, stand him up, gave directions and couldn’t find what i was looking for.

Of course, the reference of Margarette Thatcher in my head was so wrong for him i cant even start to measure the distance between the two. she is cold, serious, intimidating. a distant loner. he is loving, warm. a family man, a giver who can’t stand not constantly being surrounded by his friends, purring them a drink and caressing them with his smile.

i finally let him be and he gave me this…..