“Tal Givony is an award winning international photographer, working in New York, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. His work is regularly featured in magazines, bus stations, billboards and galleries around the world. Tal is sought after by many prestigious clients such as Showtime, Fox Broadcasting Company, Reshet Media, Yes Satellite Broadcasting, Channel 10, Boat Magazine and Vogue Italia to name a few. Due to the nature of his assignments, Tal developed a special ability to rapidly connect with his subjects and produce tremendous, memorable portraits of his clients to accommodate their busy schedules and highly demanding time tables. All that without compromising his work integrity, demand for high quality results and the charm that he is so well known for.”

“I believe taking someone’s portrait should not take more than few minutes. My career as a portrait photographer enabled me to quickly connect with my subject, relying on our common ground as human beings. My goal is always to create a portrait that capture the viewers’ attention. They might not know why, out of all the images they are bombarded by, they chose to stop and stare at your portrait but they will. They will communicate with it because something in it will touch them, they will get the feeling that they know you, that they can relate to you and they will want to know more about you. This portrait will pop up for them when they close their eyes and they won’t understand why. Because in this era, where millions of images pass in front of our eyes every second, he who has a real, strong, time stopping portrait is the one that affects consciousness, he is the one people google his name.”  Tal Giovny

Exhibitions and Awards

2010 – Changes – Group exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 – Israeli Ministry of Aliya and Integration Scholarship for Returning Artist Excelling in their field
2014 – Passion for Freedom – Group exhibition, London, UK
2014 – Special Award – Passion for Freedom – Group exhibition, London, UK
2015 – Currents in Time – Group exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel
2016 – City of Refuge – Group exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018 – In Transition – Group exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel