Why do you love shooting film so much?
For me its the process. The slow, calculated accuracy that drives most people mad. I will soon post a video here about analog photography, the why, why not and all the how to do a good job at it.

Did you go to photography school?
I took few classes at the Santa Monica Collage Photography School in Los Angeles, CA. but realized that I will gain more knowledge and experience working with accomplished photographers. Ever since I’ve been learning from photographers that I admire and from books, videos, friends and of course good old fashioned experimentation.

Who does your post processing?
Almost all post processing for my work is done by me with the exception of few commercial images that were outsourced.

What kind of camera do you use?
It really depends on the assignment and the look and feel I want to achieve. Since I shoot both analog and digital I own several different camera systems. Check out the tools I use in the Gear List  section of this website.

I would love to buy one of your photographed that are not in your store, can I purchase it?
Absolutely, just contact me and I will hook you up.